Ron Oholendt

Ron Oholendt is a 30-year Air Force veteran where he served in various command positions in fighter operations.  Completing his career as the Air Force Space Battlelab commander, Ron co-founded Near Space Systems and served as its first president for 11 years.  Near Space Systems conducted research and development in new, innovative technologies supporting communications, surveillance, and intelligence gathering capabilities.  The company specializes in tethered and un-tethered lighter-than-air aerospace vehicles.  He recently completed a degree in the Ministry.  Ron serves as a director for GRSS.

Kaminski Portrait.jpg

Michael Kaminski

A Technical Partner with Global Remote Sensing Solutions, Michael brings 26 years of research and development experience to GRSS and has pioneered technology in the seismic electrokinetic field.  As such, he has developed and patented his seismoelectric system to direct detect minerals, oil, gas and water.  Additionally, there is a patent pending for Pulsed Plasma Electroseismic developed by Mr. Kaminski and Dr. Anderson.

Paul Schuldt .jpg

Paul W. Schuldt

Mr. Schuldt has 50+ years experience in the investment profession.  He began his career in an old established New York Exchange firm, Fahnstock  & Co.  From there, he formed his own portfolio management company and eventually merged with Oakland Financial Group to head its investment division.  Major clients included Mellon Bank, Wakovia Bank, and United Bank of Denver. Although prior activities involved real estate as well as equipment leasing investments, his primary focus has been in energy.  He has headed companies that have built gas pipelines, acquired mineral leases, and has owned mineral interests in hundreds of oil and gas wells.


Tommy Crawford

Tommy Crawford is a 34-year Air Force veteran and retired Major General. Upon his Air Force retirement, Tommy joined the Lockheed Martin team where he served as Vice President of Strategic Development and as a business unit deputy. Tommy has significant experience in providing state-of-art Information Technology (IT) capabilities for information sharing and collaborative services.  Tommy is the President of Global Remote Sensing Solutions and is transitioning GRSS from primary ground-based data collections to drone-based aerial survey operations for both surface and sub-surface data collection.

Ben Shaefer.jpg

C. Ben Schafer

Ben Schafer is an international corporate lawyer and chief counsel of Schafer & Rooke, LLC, headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  Ben has negotiated commodities contracts worldwide.  In addition, Ben is the CEO of Schafer Ranch where he operates his family cattle business that has been in continuous operation in Eastern Colorado since 1873.  He is the sole owner and managing director of Schafer Resources, Inc., a natural resources, oil, gas, minerals, and solar energy resource company he founded in 1984.  Ben is a GRSS Board of Directors member and serves as a director for other companies.