The Science


GRSS technologies are distinctly different and more advanced in that they utilize an extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic pulse creating an excitation of ions at the cellular level which create returned signals that are subsequently released at the speed of light.  Rather than create electromagnetic signals through traditional electroseismic brute force, which is depth limited, GRSS's patented technologies produce a highly ionized pulsed charge using a shot cannon system to produce the required ELF pulse for transmission and receivers that detect signals of excited ions for all fluids, solids and gasses.  The resultant excitation is measured through a dipole antenna and the analysis of the returned signals are used to determine the composition and depth of the sub surface materials.  This process eliminates long set-up times and significantly reduces the logistics required to produce not only traditional results, but results that are far more accurate and specific. 

What do you get with GRSS?

  • Survey depth of 25,000 feet +

  • Survey capability through salt layers

  • Identification of oil/gas/wet gas/ground water within formations prior to drilling

  • Multiple layers of formations with hydrocarbons

  • Porosity and permeability of substrate within formations

  • Available survey data allows economic evaluation of wellsite prior to drilling

  • Time effective – less time to complete survey

  • Cost effective – more economical

  • Environmentally Eco-Friendly

Hydrocarbon Spectra.png

Elements Have Specific Signature